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   Provider Information
Name: Natalli Nympho  Ethnicity: Latina : German 
Company:   Age: 21-24 
Phone: 925-323-7778    Eyes: Brown 
email: Natallisf@Hotmail  Hair: Dark Brown : Shoulder 
Web URL:  Height: 5'8 - 5'10 
City: Walnut Creek  Build: Curvy 
State/Prov: CA  Breasts: 36C : Rock Hard 
Area: East Bay  Kitty: Bald 
Category: Escort  Tattoos: One 
Provider Id: 793638     create link    Piercings: Belly Button 

Review DtProviderLooksServiceCommentHandle
2014-01-17 Natalli Nympho 1010Nat's so addicting- super sexy, super skills, her body & moves keep you coming back (to that booty) - gorgeous from head to toe wolfie397
2013-11-30 Natalli Nympho 98.5Great time with Mila and Nat! drninja
2013-11-29 Natalli Nympho 8.59Natalli and her friend Mila showed me a great time drninja
2013-11-10 Natalli Nympho 99The experience was great. Right what I was expecting. bartsv99
2013-10-12 Natalli Nympho 98.5Hubba hubba- she's a cool lady to meet drivesahybrid
2013-09-06 Natalli Nympho 98.5One of those providers that You wish was yours and only Yours! 510Cyclops
2013-05-22 Natalli Nympho 8.59Amazing provider along with her friend Summer....awesome girlfriend experience will repeat boybroomfield
2013-04-22 Natalli Nympho 1010One of the best! My ATF Tall Latina. Protoss2093
2013-04-09 Natalli Nympho 99Goodtimes!! rlmang
2013-03-01 Natalli Nympho 910Stunning, had an amazing time with this gorgeous latina rayherrera
2013-02-23 Natalli Nympho 1010Another great double with Natalli and friend Llana. Also had great dbls with Natalli and other friends Nina and Gianna too. Even an amazing seeing Natalli solo! the925guy
2012-12-11 Natalli Nympho 8.59Wow Very Hot Latina Beauty JerseyKidd
2012-10-02 Natalli Nympho 8.58Hot, sweet latina that is a delight to be with and definitely worthwhile fwomanpleaser
2012-09-25 Natalli Nympho 89I felt like i was in some sort of Big Booty porno...a must see for serious ass lovers. will repeat for dbls session. seamus71
2012-09-25 Natalli Nympho 1010This was my second meeting with her and WOW! benalian
2012-08-28 Natalli Nympho 1010AWESOME time - angel face, perfect boobs & ass - sexiest girl on RB- thought I was dreaming! ATF model material! wolfie397
2012-08-28 Natalli Nympho 1010Natalli is simply my favorite.....she is very sweet and relaxes you. She looks like a Bond girl but can care less who James Bond is!! She wants you to be relaxed and stimulated. When she meets you she Away2Z
2012-08-13 Natalli Nympho 9.510Gorgeous girl with hot hot body. She is very attentive and adventuresome. Her double sessions are great huskie
2012-08-12 Natalli Nympho 1010First rate experience with friendly, down to earth girl Buzz_Fledderjohn
2012-07-22 Natalli Nympho 8.57Nice first date, but second date disaster will23601
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