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   Provider Information
Name: Irmi  Ethnicity: Mixed : Japanese 
Company:   Age: 30-37 
Phone: 510-872-8464    Eyes: Green 
email:   Hair: Dark Brown : Shoulder 
Web URL:   Height: 5'8 - 5'10 
City: Berkeley  Build: Average 
State/Prov: CA  Breasts: 34B : Puffy / Pointy 
Area: East Bay  Kitty: Natural 
Category: Massage  Tattoos: None 
Provider Id: 3603     create link    Piercings: Tongue 

Review DtProviderLooksServiceCommentHandle
2013-04-22 Irmi 710Happy she's still in business splits54
2013-02-03 Irmi 68Thorough PM, great massage, very attentive randomdude12345
2013-01-17 Irmi 79.5Great relaxing session DaRealDirtySanchez
2012-07-01 Irmi 710When you want the best splits
2012-04-24 Irmi 610Best prostate massage in six timezones luckyfeller
2012-01-20 Irmi 710Still rocks my world splits
2011-04-22 Irmi 67As advertised, would recommend. Pleasant atmosphere and excellent massage prime1719
2011-02-23 Irmi 710Irmi is a sensual artist who suceeds in creating a great, balanced experience kinddog
2011-02-10 Irmi 710Still the best splits
2010-11-14 Irmi 67.5excellent massage and soft touch. rubs your cock up to her tits and let's you bust all over them while lying on the table. 2x if you let her know and for some extra flow. highly recommend for prostate mpc1000
2010-08-07 Irmi 47.5Very good massage and release Lowell
2010-07-13 Irmi 67Went for the prostate massage. So-so experience. ascending
2010-06-18 Irmi 89.5Old Faithful Irmi...Still going strong sunset
2010-06-12 Irmi 57.5Consistent, good massage with release dayodayo55
2010-06-09 Irmi 710Terrific sensual massage experience + wonderful prostate massage DoctorD
2010-04-05 Irmi 310good prostate, good massage, good neighborhood, good price. overall it was great would and will do again eddypasifa
2010-04-02 Irmi 810Excellent masseuse and wonderful FBSM bingobangobongo
2010-01-14 Irmi 710Still the best splits
2010-01-01 Irmi 67Good service, price may be a little to high for what you get dayodayo55
2009-12-17 Irmi 710Fantastic massage with great attention to detail! earl
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