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   Provider Information
Name: Naughty_princess11  Ethnicity: Caucasian : American 
Company:   Age: 21-24 
Phone: 650-271-3626    Eyes: Hazel 
email:   Hair: Blonde : Way Long 
Web URL:  Height: 4'10 - 5'1 
City: South San Francisco  Build: Tiny 
State/Prov: CA  Breasts: 38D : Average / Decent 
Area: South Bay  Kitty: Bald 
Category: Escort  Tattoos: Two 
Provider Id: 1735001     create link    Piercings: Tongue 

Review DtProviderLooksServiceCommentHandle
2012-01-12 Freakybreanna 21complete mess. looked nothing like she did last week when we first met. like she hadnt slept all week. bad breath too. disapointed. waste of my money and time. Broncos72
2011-12-26 Freakybreanna 9.59a sexy lady with a good dose of sexual energy Broncos72
2011-08-19 Freakybreanna 77I was disappointed, but ok time jwblack12
2011-08-09 Freakybreanna 53Not a favorite. body unattractive. looks run down. hygene down below a little poor oder made it hard to finish. frye13
2011-07-31 Freakybreanna 1010Big Booty White chick, talkative, sensual, treats you well. redskins
2011-07-31 Freakybreanna 9.510A hot session with a woman that truly loves sex taken4aspin
2011-07-22 Freakybreanna 910wow, one of the prettiest gal around. Beautiful smiles and great personality. can't wait to see her again. 1whitepiker1
2011-07-08 Freakybreanna 88A good experience from a freaky girl THUMPER707
2011-06-26 Freakybreanna 99.5my second time and even better. shes a great girl with a great attitude taken4aspin
2011-06-17 Freakybreanna 77.5looks better with clothes. saggy body. lumpy thighs. Acts very irritated. But shes horny. jwbentley52
2011-06-01 Freakybreanna 99.5Great experience, AWSOME oral skills taken4aspin
2011-05-29 Freakybreanna 87Nice, but very smoky shotwell123
2011-04-26 Freakybreanna 65My first experience. Not good. Don't blame her. Prior comments are reasonable. fwbfb
2011-04-21 Freakybreanna 8.59She was very nice, freaky she was, and got into it. Treat her right, she is very nice. rad_hazard949
2011-04-21 Freakybreanna 9.59.5Shes so sweet cybersorfer
2011-04-17 Freakybreanna 64Nice girl, blah session caesar69
2011-03-30 Freakybreanna 77She's young. She's short. She's a recent mom who is trying to pay the bills lovetotestit
2011-03-30 Freakybreanna 9.59.5very flexible, accomidating, sexy petite blonde with silky long hair u will want to pull, shes called freaky for a reason..gets off easy mightyJIM71
2011-03-08 Freakybreanna 910I think,im in love,a real sweetheart, i'm going back for more,tight kitty sf_mike
2011-03-06 Freakybreanna 99Awsome time with a sweetheart, Im in Love sf_mike

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