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   Provider Information
Name: HummingBird  Ethnicity: Caucasian : American 
Company:   Age: 50+ 
Phone: 559-425-6756    Eyes: Green 
email:   Hair: Auburn / Red : Midback 
Web URL:  Height: 5'5 - 5'7 
City: Fresno  Build: BBW 
State/Prov: CA  Breasts: 42+DD+ : Droopy 
Area: Central Valley  Kitty: Bald 
Category: Massage  Tattoos: Many 
Provider Id: 1681515     create link    Piercings:  

Review DtProviderLooksServiceCommentHandle
2014-04-14 HummingBird 8.510Amazing, why would I go anywhere else. mixed_nuts
2014-02-15 HummingBird 810Hummingbird is a true pleasure. Absolutely provides as promised. Lucky to be one of her regulars. hollywooooddave1
2014-02-08 HummingBird 610Great service! ! Goofydave
2013-12-16 HummingBird 69Great time with good provider. Squeaky clean and tasty. Had an amazing time. I will be back. hotrightnow
2013-11-01 HummingBird 910just one word GREAT dihard19691969
2013-07-31 HummingBird 69Ur dealing w a real women knows her job dolphzigger
2013-07-13 HummingBird 78.5Great time Steelers5742
2013-06-11 HummingBird 89amazing experience Jolino
2013-04-25 HummingBird 78Had a great relaxing time mrcokeman12
2013-04-11 HummingBird 1010happy client maiesiophilia
2012-12-03 HummingBird 78Enjoyed the massage and loved the finish deedub93720
2012-10-26 HummingBird 48Nice massage and great finish. deedub93720
2012-10-22 HummingBird 88Nice Massage and great finish luckyrusty
2012-09-03 HummingBird 710Very Nice Lady, Convenient Parking, Professional Office, Safe and Fun 2ndHandFun
2012-07-16 HummingBird 310Classic in town. Worth the visit. reytrussek
2012-07-14 HummingBird 610great massage and finish macho111
2012-03-23 HummingBird 810She healed my aching back pain. coolhmongkid
2012-02-18 HummingBird 89Skills are exceptional, can't go wrong. I'm a out of town repeat client. SF bay area misses her. DeepVoice69
2012-01-22 HummingBird 710Great massage technique with very soft, but firm hands Great personality and adorable. I highly recommend to massage lovers!!! blindlove
2012-01-17 HummingBird 710Excellent extended session. deepazure
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