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   Provider Information
Name: Sexy_Mz_Mya  Ethnicity: Latina : Indian 
Company:   Age: 21-24 
Phone: 415-814-0226    Eyes: Brown 
email:   Hair: Light Brown : Shoulder 
Web URL:  Height: 5'5 - 5'7 
City: San Ramon  Build: Tiny 
State/Prov: CA  Breasts: 32C : Perky 
Area: East Bay  Kitty: Bald 
Category: Escort  Tattoos: None 
Provider Id: 1416059     create link    Piercings: Belly Button 

Review DtProviderLooksServiceCommentHandle
2013-03-13 Sexy_Mz_Mya 9.510OHH MY, Sexy, Friendly & Experienced Smister75
2013-02-26 Sexy_Mz_Mya 73Set and confirmed appt., then she flaked! stocktonguy1980
2012-12-10 Sexy_Mz_Mya 89A guaranteed good time hammered
2012-11-19 Sexy_Mz_Mya 99Cool. Sexy. Hot. Great F'n Bod jiminycrickets2000
2012-10-09 Sexy_Mz_Mya 8.58Nice enjoyable unhurried session kleankid
2012-05-28 Sexy_Mz_Mya 9.510She a very classy provider made me feel so so good!! Will see her again can't get her off my mind!!! mtechguy67
2012-05-08 Sexy_Mz_Mya 80Flake! I drove to her incall at the appointed time--she asked me to wait five minutes and I never heard from her again. EdwardLewis
2012-02-25 Sexy_Mz_Mya 710Loves to have fun and really like to receive and loves to give as well timeforfunnow
2011-12-07 Sexy_Mz_Mya 78.5Very nice girl who enjoys sex emaninca
2011-09-23 Sexy_Mz_Mya 9.510Sexy and always aiming to please! alexgoryachiy
2011-08-17 Sexy_Mz_Mya 710An exotic provider that loves what she does hammered
2011-07-12 Sexy_Mz_Mya 910She is fantastic - Timmy loves Mya. Cute, smart, sexy, funny and seriously passionate Latina. Would not change a thing about her. You are one of the best babe!!! DogBoner1
2011-07-02 Sexy_Mz_Mya 8.58One hot Latina! Carnac1
2011-03-20 Mya Sanchez 910outstanding provider, smart, funny, relaxed, a super young lady oneraider7777
2011-03-17 Mya Sanchez 910Sweet, hot, incredible provider - young, but knows her way around and will make your toes curl, my 2x can't wait for 3x!! tigger2u2
2011-02-24 Mya Sanchez 810This gal enjoys sex - have seen her 3x - better each time out2play
2011-02-09 Mya Sanchez 9.510Amaaaaaazing experience, will repeat and now a regular for sure, what you search for and hope to find in a provider, very sweet personality with great sex appeal and loves the passionate experience surfon
2010-12-19 Mya Sanchez 8.5103rd time - great experience with a sexy provider that is eager to please! alexgoryachiy
2010-12-10 Mya Sanchez 76Accurate photos, nice girl, multiple positions but no BJ's, and could have smelled better buster920
2010-12-01 Mya Sanchez 67Young, inexperienced Updacreek
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