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   Provider Information
Name: Tiffany  Ethnicity: Asian : Chinese 
Company: San Jose 1075  Age: 25-29 
Phone: 408-665-1075    Eyes: Brown 
email:   Hair: Dark Brown : Shoulder 
Web URL:  Height: 5'2 - 5'4 
City: Santa Clara  Build: Slim / Slender 
State/Prov: CA  Breasts: 34B : Perky 
Area: South Bay  Kitty: Partially Shaved 
Category: Massage  Tattoos: One 
Provider Id: 13715     create link    Piercings:  

Review DtProviderLooksServiceCommentHandle
2011-08-03 Tiffany 89Hottest MILF I have seen in a while whosurdaty
2011-04-04 Tiffany 89Nice lady ,good service CMT massage johnyboy7
2011-04-04 Tiffany 8.59Very good session with better than average looking MILF ecureuil
2011-03-27 Tiffany 8.58Lovely experience with a 30-something lady. Superb massage included. inflight2
2011-03-23 Tiffany 58A service oriented Viet MILF sells herself as Chinese. Massage skill is above average but older than my taste. No repeat. drifter09
2011-01-03 Tiffany 8.59I really enjoyed meeting Tiffany, she has a natural beauty about her, great personality, great shape, rbgfe. jsthavnfun
2010-11-17 Tiffany 68.5Multiples with a great provider chinoloco
2010-11-09 Tiffany 88Nice and wet milf! canonball101
2010-11-06 Chinese_Tiffany_03 8.510great sexy lady who knows how to treat a man eastbaymike
2010-10-03 Tiffany 67standard AMP, nothing really stands out, overall decent service itsmehun
2010-09-27 Chinese Tiffany 89A very pretty asian MILF who treats a man right. malpaso2000
2010-09-21 Tiffany 68Above average milf with huge bolt ons and a very good body. Excellent CMT and service. A good value; will probably repeat. Hawkeye6919
2010-08-07 Tiffany 87.5friendly milf sfclubman
2010-08-02 Tiffany 7.59Great visit with an old friend billythekid
2010-04-08 Tiffany 67A very dry and average session with an average girl... PBP1
2010-04-07 Tiffany 52Right when I walked in I noticed know one had mentioned how much older she really is(at least 40, not the 25-29 as adverstised) She kept answering the phone whole time I was there, very annoying. wutup
2010-03-25 Tiffany 8.59Sexy and Passionate. Real GFE+ buckle_up
2010-03-21 Chinese Tiffany 885'4" Pretty face, nice eye's. Good loking figure babefinder
2009-11-26 Tiffany 8.59Just like yesterday legman2
2009-11-22 Tiffany 895'5" sexy body , fun and humarous babefinder
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